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Dedicated to providing our clients with industry leading private investigation services.


We specialize in providing professional investigation services to insurance companies of all sizes. Let us help you with your claim.


Our elite private investigators can assist you with your internal investigation.  Allow our surveillance investigators to assist you with your matter.


We understand that personal matters can be difficult to talk about.  You can rest assured that our investigators will deal with your case discreetly and professionally.

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We are dedicated to providing our clients with industry-leading private investigation services.

JRK Group is a fully licensed and insured private investigation agency that serves all of Ontario & Alberta.  Our talented team of investigators are specialists in discreet surveillance and intelligence gathering for insurance, corporate and personal investigations.

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Jack R. Kolodziej


Our unwavering commitment to our clients and team members has and always will be of utmost importance.

I believe that our best work is done in a communicative team environment where members share the same goal and understand that quality work is of benefit to all. At JRK Group, we continuously invest in state-of-the-art technology & equipment to ensure that our investigators have the best tools at hand; therefore, enabling us to provide industry-leading investigative solutions for our clients and our investigative professionals to thrive in all that they do.

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We’re able to maximize results by combining technology with proven investigative tactics.

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At JRK Group, we respect and adhere to all confidentiality and legal requirements during our private investigative process with all of our clients. We are committed to maintaining your privacy and always conduct the necessary measures to securely store and maintain your sensitive information.

Our private investigators are highly trained and educated in their respective field(s). Since our inception, we’ve always maintained a team of experienced investigators with numerous backgrounds, such as: policing, private security, surveillance specialists, information technology and video related electronics. We thrive in our approach to conducting our private investigations with a wide array of research, unique investigative techniques, and concisely deliver our findings with our industry-leading reports.